Most smokers will agree that of all the things about smoking that drew them in, nicotine is definitely the best part. It just feels good! It’s relaxing, calming, and is a great stress reliever. E-cigarettes are the future of smoking because they offer the smoker all the positive aspects of cigarettes, while removing all the negative things that came with tobacco smokes. While everyone seems to be getting healthier,  and making changes for their personal betterment, e-cigs do just that. Eliminating smoke reduces your risk of numerous diseases and illnesses. Are you aware that health insurance companies are starting to charge smokers higher premiums? It’s already widely commonplace in the life insurance industry, too.

Electronic cigarettes feel, look, taste, and simulate the experience of smoking cigarettes so perfectly! And then, to make things even easier, you can add to your daily use a whole variety of different electronic cigarette accessories that allow you to make the process fit into your life how you want them to! Accessories like the Personal Charging Case let you charge your batteries, as you keep them organized, in your pocket or bag, regardless of what you’re doing!

Isn’t it strange to look back on the past and think how just a mere 20 years ago, and even as late as 10 years ago, that cigarettes were still considered “cool?” Long gone are the days of TV campaigns, where Marlboro men, comedic camels, and stylish ladies projected stereotypes and social standards onto viewers. Smoking tobacco supposedly made you cool, confident, independent, tough, and intelligent. Until the health reports started piling in, numbers were escalating in tobacco-related death. Cancer cases continued to rise, and more and more awareness was being shed on the dangers and ills of smoking cigarettes. The supposed image makers were the culprit in sickness and death, and marketing was more than ever, heavily geared towards the younger generation. Even children got the message that smoking was alluring.

Thank goodness that’s all in the past! It is really nice now that cigarettes are not boasted anymore, and there is an overwhelming amount of antismoking information being broadcasted daily, all over the US. Whether it’s on television, print advertisements, public billboards, pamphlets being handed out in schools encouraging the youth to avoid smoking at all costs – anyone who begins smoking cigarettes after this onslaught of information is just outright foolish!