Most of us have goals towards our health, whatever they may be. Whether we want to stay exactly where we are, improve muscle gain, live healthier, eat more lean foods, or lose weight; chances are, if you have a body, you’re concerned with maintaining your health. And if you are among the many Americans aiming to lose weight, you’re probably interested in it doing it as painlessly as possible. If you’re a smoker, all of this can be even more difficult if you are interested in losing weight, but are fearful of giving up smoking because of the dreaded weight gain associated with quitting. It seems like such an absurd paradox, doesn’t it? Did you know, however, that vapor smoking can be an exceptional option for the transition?

Here are some interesting findings we have found regarding vaping and weight loss. While they are no substitute for a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and the guidance of a health professional, there are many ways they can assist you with your health goals of getting to a healthy weight.

Vaping is an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes on your path towards a healthier lifestyle. One of the main reasons for this is nicotine, which is the active in ingredient in tobacco cigarettes that can contribute to a slimmer figure. Nicotine is a known appetite suppressant, and this is likely the cause behind its abilities in helping you to keep those unwanted pounds off. Additionally, some research suggests nicotine’s properties as a stimulant can contribute further by boosting metabolism.

If you consider this information, vaping can be an amazing substitute for smoking. In order to keep up the effects of the nicotine’s ability to suppress the appetite and boost your metabolism, we suggest using a nicotine level that is on par with your current level found in the cigarettes you smoke.

Another amazing benefit to vaping instead of smoking that can help support your weight goals is to consider all the amazing flavors at your disposal. With smoking, you pretty much had tobacco, menthol, and maybe clove to choose from. Not much variety, and they all taste like cardboard after a while. With vaping, on the other hand, you’ve got endless flavors; literally thousands of e-liquid flavors to choose from. What this also means is that you can have whatever you want, and these amazing flavors can substitute for bad calories and unhealthy foods when you start craving the cookies, cakes, and decadent desserts. All the flavor, with none of the bad stuff.

When quitting smoking, many people are not only plagued by the loss of having an appetite suppressant that helps keep the pounds off, but they also lose out on an additionally familiar occurrence of smoking. The hand-to-mouth habit is a very real mechanism for smokers, and losing this can make them highly irritable and missing the monotonous yet soothing action of it. Vaping, once again, makes an excellent replacement option because it offers the same experience, with a whole lot more control. You choose your nicotine strength, your device, and e-liquid, while having your needs met.

So, with this in mind, if you’ve been clinging to smoking in fear of gaining unwanted weight, understand you’ve got options out there. Traditional cigarettes have no place in a healthy lifestyle because they are loaded with unhealthy and toxic ingredients. If you are doing all the right things to get your weight under control, or even if you are presently at a weight you are comfortable with and do not want to gain any additional pounds as a result of ditching tobacco, definitely consider the option of vaping. Check out our extensive selection of e-cigarettes and vaporizers here!