Heading out of town anytime soon? If you plan on hitting the friendly skies, you may be pleased to know that the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) recently addressed the electronic cigarette topic by announcing that all types of digital alternative cigarettes are permitted in your carry on luggage.

In fact, the only electronic cigarette device they have a problem with blatantly resembles a hand grenade, which would obviously ruffle some feathers and raise red flags if it were to show up on one of their scanners in your luggage at the airport. 

Humorously, the TSA was called upon to make the statement because of an incident that occurred at Salt Lake City International Airport, recently. Agents had discovered the questionable-looking, grenade-resembling electronic cigarette in the carry on luggage of a passenger, and due to the highly sensitive, yet entirely unique nature, they addressed the situation, making it clear to other passengers who vape that yes, e-cigarettes are fine in your carry on, as long as they do not resemble destructive, deadly weaponry.

While it is not in any way illegal to fly with e-cigarettes and their accompanying products, it is against federal law to use electronic cigarettes on airplanes, however.  Traveling with electronic cigarettes is certainly the more convenient way to go, contrary to using traditional cigarettes, when you’re going to be on the move and traveling by air. Many e-cigarette users have questioned whether e-cigs are allowed in carry on luggage, as so many people nowadays fly without checking in bags due to the high costs of doing so. The freedom most users get from using e-cigs enables them to have the same satisfaction wherever they may be, without the hassles of cigarette smoke.

So, if you’re getting out of town, whether for business or vacay, pack those e-cigs, get ready for a smoke-free trip, and avoid the unattractive grenade-look-a-likes! Safe travels, my friends!