Here’s a little spotlight on our oh-so loved Curve vaporizer. This fabulous vaporizer was designed with our female fanbase in mind, and it really appeals to those with a love for feminine styling. However, you don’t need to be a woman to use it, so if sleek curves are your thang, rock this vape proudly, guys!

Some of the Curve’s best features include it’s smooth design, and like its name states, its elegant curves have a very ergonomic touch. It feels awesome in the hand, and when in use. This vape pen comes in a wide array of different colors, so you can color coordinate and never have to worry about blending in with the crowd when you’re getting your nicotine vapor on. If you like getting creative, you can go so far as to mix and match with different tank colors as well! Sure, black and silver are the standard, but orange, green, and red are mighty fine as well!

In terms of performance and function, the Curve gets rave reviews. Designed to be uncomplicated yet powerful, it is highly regarded for its ability to produce strong clouds of vapor, hit very nicely and smoothly, and this 650 mAh battery rocks because it can last a nice long time between charges; hooray for reliable vape batteries! The Curve tank is also lovely because not only does it look super hot, but it has a spacious capacity, boasting 2.2 ml! So you can fill this baby up, vape away, and not worry about running low every 10 minutes.

So, if the Curve is on your wish list, we totally suggest grabbing the Curve starter kit or building a custom package with our Custom Vaporizer Builder. Ridiculously affordable, you can grab this awesome APV kit for $49.99, without having to splurge on anything additional. The kit comes with 1 Curve Battery, 1 Curve Tank (with an atomizer), 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, and instructions.

Curves are a good thing. We love them. We love vaping them. We love sharing them. We urge you to get your own!