Wondering what to get your special someone for Valentine’s Day? Here are some great South Beach Smoke gift ideas that will surely appeal to the smokers and e-smokers in your life!

For Her:

Deluxe Ultimate Plus Starter Kit: Ladies love accessories, whether they’re wearing them or using them, and this starter kit is chock full of them! She’ll never get bored, and will always have the right tool to stay on top of her vaping, and she’ll be thrilled; most importantly!

Extra Batteries: If she is already vaping with South Beach Smoke, extra batteries always come in handy. These are definitely a gift that keeps on giving.

Portable Charging Case: If she doesn’t have one of these, after she uses it she will never want to be without it! Storage with a function: it charges while it stores batteries, and can hold extra cartridges. Big bonus is that it fits in a pocket!

Delicious Cartridges: Extra cartridges in some of our most romantic flavors like chocolate, watermelon, cherry, and vanilla will make her swoon!

For Him:

Deluxe Plus Starter Kit: Our most popular start kit, and any guy will love its simplicity along with the great gear it comes with. Perfect for any smoker to switch to vaping with, it comes with all the essentials plus some extras.

Battery 3-Pack: If he vapes, he knows the importance of having extra batteries. This 3-pack keeps him covered, and lets him know how much you care by saying you never want him to be without!

The Power-Cig: Is your guy a sports fan? Does he work long hours at a computer? If so, he will love the Power Cig. It allows you to vape continuously, without charging because it plugs into the wall. Long afternoons in front of the TV or long periods spent at the computer will get a whole lot easier if he loves to vape!

Flavor Cartridges: Extra e-cig cartridges are always a welcome gift to any vaper, and your man will love some new flavors! Tobacco Mint, Orange Mint, Double Apple Hookah, or any of his favorite tobacco varieties will surely bring a smile to his face.

This Valentine’s Day, get the gifts you know they want. If you can’t decide, and you both could use a switch to vapor, get the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Couple’s Kit, and enjoy the smoke-free life together!