So you’re ready to take the plunge and switch to vaporizers from plain old e-cigs. Here is the dealio- what you need to know to transition smoothly. E-cigarette vaporizers don’t have to be difficult to adjust to; lucky for you, you already endured the “difficult” part when you transitioned from cigarettes to vaping! You’re in for a world of awesomeness, get amped!

First Things First

One of the best starting points is our Custom Vaporizer Builder. This allows you to select the vaporizer you want, with available accessories, and have everything laid out before you in the easiest way imaginable. In fact, even if you aren’t ready to purchase your vaporizer yet, this is such a cool way to get your feet wet and explore the options while getting acquainted with what you may want.

So, About That Transition

Enjoy the process. Chances are, if you are ready to move up in the world of vapes, vaporizers are going to blow your mind in a good way. E-cigs will probably be a thing of the past, and you’ll be over the moon about being able to use our 30,000 different e-liquid flavors.

Get Smart

Learn as much as you can about the devices, how they work, and what effort will be needed of you to make yours work for you. You’ll be using tanks, so you’ll have to fill them; learn about the technique needed to fill them. You’ll most likely have to change atomizers, so you’ll have to learn about when that will be necessary. Learn about maintenance, storage, and what you shouldn’t be doing with your vaporizer; more info you have in your repertoire, the better. Basically, it’s not much, and you’ll be getting such an awesome experience out of it that it’ll all be worth it.

So, if you want to give an advanced vaporizer a try, we say go for it! The experience will enlighten you, and the feeling will thrill! May the transition go smoothly, and if you have any questions about what we can do to help you along, let us know about it!