Okay, be honest: have you ever met someone who actually liked the smell of cigarettes? I haven’t! Not even the many smokers I’ve met in my life care for it. They all use perfumes, colognes, fragrances, incense, candles, aroma sticks, air fresheners in attempts to get rid of the funk. They hang those “long-lasting” scent things in their cars, hoping it will keep the air fresh and clean. And sadly, none of it really works. The smell of tobacco persists, and the only way to really get rid of it is not to smoke!

The tar is tobacco cigarette smoke is really disgusting. Smoke isn’t just a smelly problem, it’s a health issue as you probably already know. It is so pervasive, it will turn white walls brownish. So intense, imagine what it does in the confines of the lungs if it can do that much across a home?

Want to know how to avoid all of this altogether? Don’t smoke! Want a realistic option, where you can still enjoy the pleasure of nicotine, minus the smoke, the odor, and the tar? Get yourself an E-cigarette starter kit, and you’ll be on your way to smoking without smoke! Electronic cigarettes are a cleaner way to smoke, and they were made to combat all of the negatives of cigarettes. While they resemble regular cigarettes nearly perfectly, they are so very different. No fire and no combustion involved, what powers them is a battery, an atomizer, and liquid nicotine. The nicotine is carried via vapor, when you puff and exhale. This is what creates that “smokey” look. Except water vapor has no scent at all! And no tar, for that matter.

So, if you are a smoker who sick of all the problems cigarettes come with, you should really give e-cigs a try. You’ll be protecting your health, saving money, contributing less to worldwide pollution, and you’ll be free to wear perfume or cologne as you wish – not as a means to conceal your stinky smoke-scented clothing. Same goes for your home and car!