Smokeless cigarettes are exactly as the name implies; smokeless. They produce no smoke. They do not cause combustion, they burn nothing, including plant matter when used. If you were to see one in action, prior to knowing anything about them, you’d probably assume it’s a cigarette, perhaps set into some kind of fancy, old-school holder. In actuality, they are anything but! There is no smoke, no second hand smoke, no smell, and no ash that’s going to come from these!

How electronic, smoke-free cigarettes work is simple. Perhaps a little odd if you know nothing about them or are encountering them for the first time, but indeed they are simple. Ours are 2-part models, consisting of the main device: a high powered, lithium ion battery, and a cartridge.  E-cigarette batteries are much more than just batteries, however. It contains a smart chip, and senses the user when they begin to vape. This sends a message to the atomizer contained within the cartridge to turn on. Which then heats the liquid nicotine that is inside the cartridge, vaporizes it. The user draws on it, and takes in a nice throat hit full of flavor, nicotine, and 100% no smoke or toxins, and then exhales the remaining vapor in exactly the same way they would smoke a cigarette!

So, to answer the question “what makes an e-cigarette smokeless?” Essentially vapor does. Fire, lighters, and tobacco have nothing to do with it, and smoke is a thing of the past! While electronic cigarettes are made to replicate many factors like feel, comfort, and experience, they are quite different. Yet for smokers who are wary of using them because they think it will be too different from what they are used to, they provide a very similar experience to cigarettes. They really offer the best of both worlds… it really is better in the smokeless world!