South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes can be an amazing alternative for smokers who want a healthier nicotine experience. Whether they are looking to go nicotine-free eventually, or if they just want to use something that enables the same pleasure without the dangers, using these instead of tobacco can offer a much better lifestyle. Millions of people would not be raving about them otherwise! These products are made for smokers, not nonsmokers, and are not cessation devices.

Only adults are meant to use electronic cigarettes. As wonderful as alternative cigarettes are, there are certain limitations to who should and should not use them, just as there are certain people who should really not be smoking cigarettes. Our products are designed and intended for use by people of legal smoking age, so without any exception should underage people be using them, just the same as underage people should have absolutely no ability to smoke tobacco cigarettes.

The same kind of restrictions apply top people who are in positions of compromised health. As wonderful as nicotine feels, it is not acceptable for people who have heart disease, or are at risk for it. This goes for any type of nicotine, and definitely when it comes to using e-cigs. People with high blood pressure, diabetes, or are currently taking medication for asthma and or depression should really consult their medical professionals before using them also. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should at all costs avoid it, as they should any substance that is not approved by their physicians. Since your health is the most important thing you can possess, why complicate things?

This is in no way meant to say electronic cigarettes are dangerous by any means, it just is here to give a little 411 on who can, and who should not be consuming nicotine products. We love offering a healthier alternative to tobacco and smoke, and we want to make sure our people are well informed! The South Beach Smoke owner’s manual is something no customer should ever skip reading! Happy vaping, everyone!