Since bursting onto the smokeless scene in 2010, we have been making waves with our amazing products. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but it’s definitely something to be proud of considering we are edging towards only our 2nd anniversary and have made such an impact on the market of e-cigarettes, and more importantly, our customers’ lives.

One really great accomplishment has been in creating such a stir in Hollywood, amassing quite a following of celebrities who adore our products, and are proud to use them publicly. Back in July of last year, giving us more than our one year anniversary to celebrate, we were so very lucky to have our e-cig starter kits make it into the gift bags at the 2011 MTV Movie Award gift bags. This event catapulted us directly into the eager hands of everyone who’s anyone in Hollywood!

Cigarettes and Hollywood have a long entangled relationship, and it goes way back to the very beginnings. Sadly, because cigarettes in the past were often big image enhancers, they were voraciously consumed by stars. Just think about it, how many time in past decades had you seen movie stars and musicians puffing away on traditional cigarettes? Probably too many to count.

We are not your ordinary electronic cigarette company. The brand is carried with an exclusive kind of attitude, with the vibrant panache of South Beach. We are determined to produce only the best products, on the highest caliber. We refuse to be known for products that are faulty, or lesser quality. That do not withstand constant use and still remain reliable. We have created what we feel are the most delicious flavors you will find among any e-cig brands, and even more importantly, we have created what many of our fans and customers will attest to, is the biggest, and best vapor available! We want to stand out, and give you the best vapor cigarette experience imaginable.

And it is because of our commitment to upholding these premises that we are so valued by the many e-smokers who favor our line of e-cigarettes. It is because of these quality standards, and exceptional image that celebrities are thrilled to use our products. Some of our many famous fans include Jenny McCarthy, Mel Gibson, Katherine Heigl, JWoww, Uma Thurman, Jeremy Piven, and Karina Smirnoff – and that’s just the beginning!